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Your Customers see your Mannequins as a reflection of themselves

As they too, imagine wearing your clothes.

Quality Mannequins To Help Them Look Their Best

Welcome to Mannequin Remodel

We specialise in mannequin repairs, specifically fibreglass mannequins.


Do you have  an OLD Style mannequin?

Bring in a mannequin that requires remodelling

And wait for the same mannequin to be refurbished,

We’ll give you a time estimate.


Have a mannequin that needs repair?

Bring in a mannequin that requires repair and wait for your same mannequin to be repaired, we’ll give you a time estimate.

Mannequin Repair & Maintenance

  • REMODEL your old mannequin
  • REPAIR your damaged mannequin
  • REPLACE lost or broken parts

Pricing Structure

Mannequin ServiceDescriptionSubtotalVATTotal
Mannequin RemodelRemodel full body male mannequin R2300,00R345,00R2645,00
Mannequin RemodelRemodel full body female mannequin R2300,00R345,00R2645,00
Mannequin RepairRepair full body female mannequin R1500,00R225,00R1725,00
Mannequin RepairRepair full body male mannequin R1500,00R225,00R1725,00